Saturday, December 18, 2010

Unsung Heroes in the Fight for CCSVI -- Dali Van Gogh

A couple weeks before my procedure, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a fundraiser for our friend Crystal who was also getting the same procedure a week later than myself. The fundraiser itself was great and very well organized, but the music is what made it happen. One band in particular, Dali Van Gogh,  intrigued me and not because the lead singer's name is Marcel, although that is pretty cool.

This is a band that plays music I like. Old style rock that I loved growing up with. Probably not for everyones taste being along the style lines of old AC/DC and led Zeppelin with a hint of some Black Sabbath I think. You can of course get more information on the band here ...

But it wasn't the music that intrigued me, it is the story behind why the band was there to begin with that caught my attention. Crystal was having a fundraiser and needed bands to play, Marcel (the band one) being a personal friend, was asked if his band could play. Marcel of course informed Crystal that he would have to first check with the band. They agreed and the fundraiser was a success.

Now that in itself makes someone in my books a hero in the cause if you want to call it that. But of course, most things have a secret behind them, this being one.

Marcel had to first check with the lead guitarist, Isaac Kent for a very good reason. The fundraiser is to support a patient with Multiple Sclerosis to raise funds for a procedure that could be easily done in Nova Scotia, but is being blocked by the current NDP provincial government. There wouldn't be any real controversy to this, except Isaac's mother is Becky Kent and she is an NDP MLA for Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage. And she voted no to letting Crystal try to save her life here like so many others need. More in this province still need care and are not going to be as fortunate as myself, Crystal and others. Which means they will suffer and die at her and her Parties hands.

Now that could be controversial. But like most families, not all children see eye to eye with their parents and I am more than sure these two have discussed it in great detail. Isaac is quite open in his stance against his mothers decision to side with her Party. And for that, him and his band are HEROES.

Plus.. Isaac, like many others here, also has a relative with this shitty disease. You figure it out.

In the meantime, you should head over to, check them out, support them by buying a CD, or more importantly, thank them for what they do.

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