Friday, April 29, 2011




HALIFAX, NS : MS patients Rally on Thursday, May 5th, 2011, at Province House in Halifax, at 1726 Hollis Street from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Patients who seek the right to have venoplasty to restore proper blood drainage from the brain will be rallying in cities across Canada to ask for the discrimination against MS patients to stop.

It is estimated that approximately 150-200 MS patients across Nova Scotia have undergone what has been coined as the “Liberation Treatment”. Many of these patients have experienced improved quality of life after undergoing treatment.

We are asking for:
1. The right to be tested and treated for CCSVI in Nova Scotia.
2. The right to have proper follow-up upon returning from foreign clinics which include:

  • a. Doppler ultrasound imaging of the drainage veins from the brain;
  • b. the right to be referred to appropriate vascular specialists;
  • c. the right to have a non-biased registry for MS patients who have undergone treatment.

3. The right to chose quality of life over unproven or unavailable medical treatments.

Several MS patients who have undergone liberation therapy are being told by their physicians that they cannot be referred for proper follow-up as their doctor`s license to practice medicine could be revoked. These unfounded threats against our primary care physicians and this systematic discrimination against MS patients who have been treated for Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) must stop.



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If I Wanted To Commit Suicide... I Would Go To My MS Clinic

Why would a noted professional such as Dr. Mark Freedman promote a drug that had a death rate of almost 2% in the initial trials? This doctor is supposedly an expert in Multiple Sclerosis, so I am sure he must have read the EMA Assessment Report on Gilenya. Being an expert, he must also be aware that this drug poses the risk to the patient of adding Herpes, Cancers, and organ failures to their suffering.

His only response seems to be, "But it is an oral drug".

That just means they have found a way to make you sicker with a pill instead of a needle.

Luckily for me, I am not eligible for this medication as it is designed for Relapsing Remitting forms of MS. Supposedly, it reduces the number of relapses. But, how would you know? Relapsing remitting means it comes and goes. People can literally go years without a relapse without medications. Gilenya does NOT stop relapses, it just supposedly slows them with no way of knowing.

The side effects for Gilenya are long and serious. All drugs have side effects, but most don't realize the risk they are taking. A good example of the risk is the instructions for your first dose of this medication. "Your first dose of Gilenya will be given in a doctor's office, hospital, or clinic. You will be observed for 6 hours following your first dose."

If you don't have a heart attack and die.. you get a prescription.

Seems safe enough to me. With the added price tag of approximately $48,000 per year, this is probably one of the most expensive forms of Russian Roulette you could play. And supposed experts such as Dr. Freedman, are pushing this poison on patients that don't know better.

I am not sure if this is much better than the risk of Tysabri and PML infections. But, since no one would answer my big Tysabri question on why so much phosphate is added to the infusion. I think I have my answer now. People that stop Tysabri, will forever be trying to increase their phosphate levels with supplements as it seems that Tysabri eats phosphates. Too bad you need phosphates to live.

Not surprisingly, the two most dangerous drug treatments, are also the most expensive, and have never been proven effective. They only way they could be proven effective is if they STOPPED the relapses. They don't.  Why would they push a drug like this? Simple economics. RRMS is the most common form of the disease with approximately 85% of all people with MS. Roughly, 1 million people easily world wide. If Novartis could get complete market share meaning that every person with RRMS was "forced" to use it's drug, they could look at revenues of almost $50 billion. PER YEAR!

They don't make drugs for my form of MS. People with RRMS should take particular note of that. If they can not make an effective drug for progressive forms of the disease, what are the chances they can make one for your form? The answer of course is slim to none but they do appreciate your money.

Welcome to reality. The CCSVI treatment has more than proven itself with evidence and is deemed unsafe. Unsafe compared to what? Our other choices?

Every month we have to pay a bill to the hydro companies for the power we use. We don't like it, but we really have no choice. This of course goes on for many years, and as long as we want to have power, then we have to pay. Then one day along comes a man that has designed a process that allows you to convert all the wasted power back into energy that you can use. Instead of having to pay for power every month, you can eliminate that bill altogether with one simple conversion. It may not be permanent, but at less than the cost of one month's power bill, having to redo it in a few years would still be livable. 

The hydro companies would go ballistic. They would say it is unsafe or illegal. They would call the people that promote this technology scammers and charlatans, and the people that use it would be treated as criminals. Important to note would be if you had any issues following the conversion, the hydro company would refuse to help you because you didn't want to pay a monthly bill.

Welcome to the world of Multiple Sclerosis and our neurologists.