Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Canada Does Have Medical Cannabis For Patients

While Health Canada promotes the propaganda of the prohibitionists by using media filled lies directed at our youth, they also run and control the Medical Marihuana Access Program that allows patients with debilitating diseases or disorders to medicate legally and safely.

Many think there is no medicinal benefit to cannabis and they could not be more wrong. It is safe with no chance of over-dose. No one has ever died from it. Instead of destroying organs like chemical drugs, it rebuilds them to make them healthier. More than anything, I no longer have pharmaceutical bills surpassing $60,000 per year for MS medications that don't work like many others. We don't make that much money, so you as a tax payer would get to pay that bill for us.

Instead, my medication works and it costs you nothing. In fact, it virtually costs me nothing. So you are welcome.

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  1. Welcome to the MS blogging community, Marcel. Good luck on your journey.