Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Change in Direction

I am in what most would call recovery.

I call it waking up from a four year nightmare to find out it was all true. For the last three years people have been telling me to write a book. The problem is if I wrote a book about the last four years and what I went through, it would look more like a fictional work along the lines of the Saw series of films. I lived it and I have a hard time believing it.

A non-fiction book requires a lot of preparation work. That I can do. I have been researching so-called autoimmune disorders for the last four years. Unlike most doctors, I have actually listened to thousands of patients. Knowing how Medical Textbooks are written and how the information is derived makes it pretty easy to write a manual of corrections when you have the proper information.

So instead of writing a book about my experience that would emotionally scar many, I will write a book on understanding MS. I just can't do anything with sugar coating, so it will be an MS Truths book. But a complete understanding of the disease as we as patients know it and not as our doctors think. How I am doing the book has not been completely decided. But initial thinking is it will be released by chapter in a separate blog attached to this one. Once completed, it may then be compiled and printed. Or the entire book will be kept hidden until completion. Regardless of the outcome, the book is about to become my job since I can't have a real one. I just won't get paid for it other than the satisfaction that hopefully someone can learn something.

Now for the fun stuff. I still have a lot of recovery to do. Mentally I am going in leaps and bounds, physically it is still a challenge. This blog is going to continue in the direction I started except instead of bringing attention to my plight, I will use it to bring attention to everyone else. I still have a personal fight with the Nova Scotia Health Minister and I will continue with that path and share it here. But more importantly I will show you more that are going through what I have gone through and others that are helping pave the way.

I do not hide that I have a problem with Pharmaceutical companies profiting off patients and doctors that are in it for the wrong reason. We as patients are obligated to inform other patients so they don't have to suffer like we have.

I am alive because 1. a lot of amazing people helped donate funds for a procedure that goes against conventional medical thinking, and 2. I went against conventional medical thinking by using cannabis instead of just accepting a fatal disease and dying.

Because I went public and told the truth that people do in fact die from this disease, I am now getting on average 5 messages a day from people or their loved ones that are also dying and have given up hope. The comments that have been made to some of these patients by their neurologists sicken me. And I am going to help all I can.

I will try to keep the confusion to a minimum during this process and can only guarantee that it should have something for everyone.

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