Monday, May 9, 2011

My Final Blog of the Real Truth of MS

I Win!

All my life I have had to prove myself. Never to anyone else, only to me. We all do it. It would either be to prove that I could do something like jump out of a plane, or better yet, to prove what I thought to be true. In life the only person you ever have to prove anything to is yourself. No one else matters.

Six months ago, I decided against my better judgement, to prove if in fact CCSVI was a key to understanding Multiple Sclerosis and whether or not it could actually prevent death. I made the claim that it would take me 6 months to prove this. I did not do this to save my life, to be honest, I had hoped I was wrong, but I had done my homework and knew that was just wishful thinking. So I had the procedure and proved both now 6 moths later.

Previously, I had already proven that cannabis in sufficient doses could be a safe and effective form of symptom relief in MS. I did this by using Rick Simpson's recipe of extracting all of the essential oils in the cannabis sativa plant and reducing it down to a pure concentrated form. I put this into capsules and each .25 gram capsule delivers the equivalent cannabinoids that you would get by smoking 80 .5gram joints. For the last 2 years, I have been eating four of those pills per day. I lived and more importantly I proved to myself that eating a gram a day of pure concentrate worked to allow me to function. To prove the safety of it, I ate 5 grams per day for 5 days or the equivalent to smoking 8000 joints in 5 days. Yes, that says eight thousand.

Also quite surprisingly, 6 months ago I had informed some very close friends that if the procedure did work, then they would get about 6 months out of me to help find the truth. I feel comfortable in in saying that I have done what I set out to do. In that time I have helped dig out and explain some of the atrocities that people with MS are faced with. But I have also hidden a lot as some of it is even too scary for me to believe. 

On May 5, I explained in my blog why I was not allowed to attend the meeting with the Health Minister. I also said it didn't bother me as much as one might think but never explained why. My reasoning for not being upset is that I knew the outcome of the meeting before they even had it. Unlike everyone else that went to those rallies, I had an email a few days before that gave me the Province's official stance on CCSVI and more importantly, aftercare. I sat on this on purpose and I apologize to no one for it. Knowing who was going to be at the rally, this was not released to prevent an escalation of violence. In actuality, I probably saved a life that day because of the lies being fed to us. There will be acts of violence against neurologists and politicians, but they won't be perpetuated by me.

There will be CCSVI in Nova Scotia. But only after the neurologists and pharmaceutical companies have lost all credibility. That will happen when the trials end to prove it. The only problem you as patients face is that those doctors will continue to try to block these trials from being properly preformed. They already know the outcome and have known from day one. At best, you might be looking at 5 years. Unless other action is taken.

There will not be effective aftercare in Nova Scotia until the trials have passed. Effective care would include testing and in the event of restenosis, angioplasty, These are both specifically excluded as they alone can prove the effectiveness of the CCSVI treatment. In the meantime, this means any of the hundreds of people that have been treated, will not be treated in this province if they experience any restenosis. They will again be forced to leave their country to save their lives because of the greed of our doctors. I won't. I didn't want nor should I have had to leave the country the first time.

People can not understand how a Health Minister could let their constituents die. It is not that hard to understand, when you realize that she admits to never speaking to anyone that actually knows about CCSVI. Her advisers come from the MS Clinic in Halifax. If CCSVI is allowed to be preformed in NS, this place will be closed and that is a ton of money lost. Keeping CCSVI from being allowed is so important that they actually convinced Jock Murray to come out of retirement to help them. For the ones that don't know, Jock is supposedly the country's top MS Specialist. Jock Murray is nothing more than a murderer that got rich off the backs of sick and dieing patients. Nothing more. You can read his bullshit lies .. HERE.

I suppose I could offer a challenge to prove this, but I also know there is no way in Hell he would ever accept it. But if Jock Murray would ever like to meet me in a public form, I will prove that I know not only more about Multiple Sclerosis than him, but that he also is willing to kill people for money. That offer could easily go to the entire clinic as Drs. Leckey and MacDougall have both already proven to be either incompetent or liars, or most likely, both.

Then we come to dear sweet Trudy Campbell whom I have never had this displeasure of meeting. She is not a neurologist, she is the one that actually shoots the poisons into the veins. She is also an advisor/spokesperson to numerous pharmaceutical companies. She actually promotes the off label use of medications that goes directly against Health Canada's policy. She, undoubtedly will be one of the so-called expert advisors. You can read more about Trudy and her friend Freedman .... HERE. Now knowing how much money is actually passing hands through the Halifax MS Clinic, all I can say is if Maureen MacDonald is not getting a cut of it, she is an even bigger idiot than I thought she was.

It is without a doubt that I upset these people, but I know stuff. They don't get mad because of what I am saying about them. They get mad because they know everything I am saying about them is true and it is getting harder for them to hide behind the lies. The first year of medical school does not cover real medicine. It is used to drill into the doctors' heads that their medical boards are God, making them always right and to never go against them, and that patients lie. I have proven that both are untrue. I have no reason to lie and I have yet to meet any doctor that will not let you die to save their own career. There may actually be one or two out there, but I won't meet them in this country.

I have no desire to go through life worrying about restenosis and having to raise thousands of dollars to go break laws in another country just to save my life. I have no desire to commit suicide. But suicide is a symptom of MS and the one that most of your neurologists hope you will take, when you as well run out of drug options. If they can't make anything off you, they don't need you around. Harsh but true. For the last 3 years I wake up each morning looking for reasons to stay alive and not let this disease kill me off just making me another statistic. It is an exhausting search everyday, but now as I feel the restenosis happening and the progression of disability advancing again, I also know I was under treated and have faulty valves. I don't have 5 years left.

I have no reason to look for excuses to stay alive when I have so many more reasons to just end it now. I have lived longer than any known person with my form of MS. I figure I have lived 3 years longer than the ones before me. I have permanent neurological damage in numerous places that won't be repaired. I will never work again which means the three years of teeth shattering seizures, is leaving me with a mouth full of jagged edges that do a great job of ripping my flesh apart because I can't even afford to have them pulled to be able to gum my food. And yet I smile. But I smile because I feel the progression returning and that means I won't have to put up with it near as long as I thought. I am thinking at best, a year, but that might be wishful thinking because no one knows more on how fast this can progress than me.
I no longer go to the doctor because there is nothing he can do for me or would if he could. Yes, even my doctor would let me die before risking his career. I know this and I accept that he is a coward like all other doctors. I no longer care about blood tests and MRI's to prove I was right. Those along with many other secrets will die with me. I don't take vitamins or eat healthy. I have no reason to. My entire life, anything I have done, was done for someone else. It has never been in my nature to be any different. Now I am. I have lived up to my promise and now I will do something for me. Rest before I die. I will never get away from the daily stress that is killing me faster, but I also don't need to pile more onto me making me miserable, killing me faster, and will be of no benefit to me. I am sorry if that seems selfish to some, but I think I have more than deserved this.

People are not born smart. They are born with a brain. How that brain develops and how it is used is the key.  If you feed a brain lies and propaganda, and not teach it to learn for itself, you get an idiot with an under developed brain. A good example of this would be George W Bush with a published IQ of 95. An IQ of 120 is considered average intelligence. My IQ tests since high school have ranged from 142 to 165. On a bad day, I am still above genius. But I am still stupid. Instead of living a life by making other people rich, I should have done it for myself. My only true regret in life now out in the open. That way I could at least leave Chrissy with something other than debt.

Humanity as a whole has pretty much run it's course. Greed has proven to be our downfall. Stupidity feeds that greed. And the stupidity comes from the under developed brains that believe what they are told. I have no other word for these people other than idiot. Se here are some blunt truths, like it or not.

If you believe your doctor has your best interest at heart.. you are an idiot.
If you think that poisons like Tysabri, being injected into your veins is helping you.. you are an idiot.
If you think pharmaceutical companies are here to help.. you are an idiot.
If you think that your government would never hurt you... you are an idiot.
If you think that your government would never lie to you... you are an idiot.
If you believe that charities for MS. Cancer, etc.  help people ... you are an idiot.
If you believe the War on Drugs is a good thing... you are an idiot.
If you think that Osama Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11 ... well... you are the ultimate idiot.

Now as harsh as that may be, you will notice that the only way these people became idiots is because they have that whole under developed brain thing going on. It is not their fault. Someone needs these idiots. Without the idiots, you would only have a bunch of greedy people trying to screw each other. Remember, we may not be born smart, but we are born greedy. But the cool thing about a brain is that it always wants to learn, and a lot of these 'idiots' are getting the lights turned on and also seeing the truth. Unfortunately as the truth emerges and develops so does the risk of retaliation for being lied to so long. It isn't a prediction, it is inevitable that greed will drive the people against their governments with violence. But that is okay as the governments are already preparing for this as well. The US is getting FEMA internment camps and Canada is getting super prisons.

So I am going to quit while I am ahead and still the winner. I will no longer be spending 80 hours a week digging out the truth. I have nothing else to prove. I will leave the hundreds of Facebook groups and other forums I belong to. I have committed myself to helping finish 2 projects, one for my brother and the second one being the sequel to the first Rick Simpson movie Run From The Cure. Their time is limited. I will still use my Facebook account to converse with friends. I will answer questions truthfully with continued sarcasm, but if you are an idiot, I will also tell you so. If you want on my friend's list, add me. If you no longer want to be on my friend's list, goodbye.

 Now, I am going to sit back, relax, and enjoy what time I have left until the progression hits my internal organs again. I actually said this years ago and at the time I said when the time comes I will be making sure I am sitting back comfortably to watch it all unfold. While smiling and quietly saying, "I told you so."

It's time for the fight to continue without me.


  1. If you believe your interventional radiologist has your best interest at heart.. you are an idiot.

    If you believe you were under are an idiot.

    If you believe your interventional radiologist ripped you off, just like Big Pharma and the rest of the medical are finally seeing the light.

  2. See.. you only have to prove things to yourself.

    Except I don't think I was under treated, I know it, but I also know everyone will be under treated using the current methods. You can find it in earlier blogs, but again.. if you have stenosis in the larger veins that can be fixed with a catheter, you will still have stenosis in the veins that can't be reached.

    Knowing this.. the IR's are going to be rich. No different, just one pocket to another. But maybe a safer option to the current mode of slow death by poison.

    I don't say that CCSVI causes MS. Because I don't know. I have theories of what causes it and nothing more. I also don't think any of us will live long enough to be able to figure it out definitively. But one thing that seems pretty convincing to me is that there is more of a vascular link to MS than any auto-immune theory.

    Which means more research and more money. Eventually the work the pharma companies are working on in regards to vasodilators for small veins and vessels will coincide well with the lucrative market of MS patients getting the treatments done. Given time, as they lose their credibility and market share in poison distribution, their new companies will be coming out with new improved poisons. And your IR's will likely be the ones getting the kickbacks.

    Like it or not.


  4. Marcel, I have sort of followed your progress after Ginger was posting about you. What happened? You got the operation but did you get stents? I thought you were doing well. I have CCSVI as well and am thinking about Rhode Island. I am looking at this hopefully. Am I wrong?

  5. Moo ... You're on the right track ... Daryl ... Keep the blood flowing ... And Marcel ... It won't take 5 years. They're gonna have to put me in jail to shut me up. I've survived a nasty staph infection and will have a herniated disc removed this Summer but I too was under treated in Schenectady last August and I promise you we will have treatment available before you expire, if you still want it. I have one last question for you though ... Where's Elvis?

  6. Hummm, you write a good post. Sad to say, not knowing myself if much of what you say is true or not. I am in the states, and not suffering with MS. I did just however, help foot the bill for my daughter-in-law to go to hubbard for this CCSVI. High hopes, they just got back friday. Just noticed the tingling on the bottom of her feet is gone, no other improvements -yet. They say some come as late as a month or so,, sure hope so. She is 46 and just dxed few months ago, is with a cane and not too bad yet. / I saw the run from the cure and I do believe hemp oil and MJ could well be the answers. Damn gov and all the lies and power struggles just wish to keep the people idiots. It is far worse (their games) then you lend on to, just terrible. You have written well, sounds like you know what you are speaking of, and great of you to have shared it.

    I am sorry to hear your efforts are now taking the new path. I haven't researched you so not knowing much else than what you wrote, I must just say...... grateful that you share. Be grateful too that you have lived on Earth as long as you have, and in this day and age. So many die whole lot younger, and many/most die not having a clue their days are numbered.
    This month will be the 8th yr I am without my husband, as he died of colon cancer. Doctors have a practice, and that is just what it is, practice. He did the chemo thing for 6 mo and just one month before he died, (after they operated to remove some up by the appendex) they had told him he could possibly live 5 more yrs. Lies, it was stage 4, and so $63,000.00 and much pain later, God answered a wish. Not the one I wanted, but he went happy and was happy.
    IMO that is what matters, do you know God? Are you going to see your loved ones again? That hope is enough to keep them going. Don't take that from them -yourself.
    So, if I get rich and win the lottery or something, I will look you up and make things better so you can do this CCSVI the right way.
    You deserve it, your family deserves it, and if someone else is writing the check to the clinic you could rest easy could you not? Hope, it means everything.
    More to you, be well and God Bless, Betty
    ps. do you believe that some improvements are delayed as far out as a month or two from procedure?

  7. Hi Betty .. sorry for the delay in responding. I have taken a break and don't check often. I am also finding that the break I am taking is probably the best thing I could have done.

    You ask if I think that improvements might be delayed by a month or two. I would have to say most definitely yes it is possible. Although I still have relapses and am progressing slowly, I am still seeing some minor improvements.

    Some of the improvements now may be attributed to the high doses of cannabis in that damage that was done initially at onset is now slowly being corrected. But others I can contribute to CCSVI.

    Regardless, the key in my case is stress. After my procedure I was still under a great amount of stress. I started feeling better and I started going downhill again. I quit doing everything that causes me stress.. and I feel fine. I mow my lawn, do a little gardening, and consume cannabis. Call it slowing down and taking life easy finally. Now.. if I could win a lottery so I could afford to live, life could be grand.

    In the meantime.. I am just going to keep conserving energy.. in case I need it.