Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Most Feared Man in the Province of Nova Scotia has MS

Today, it became official. The most feared man in this province is not some gun toting terrorist, nor is it a corporate big wig raping the province of it's resources. It isn't even one of our fine police officers that use tazers  and kill sick people. It is me, a dieing man that speaks the truth.

Today across the country, people with Multiple Sclerosis are rallying at their respective Province Houses to raise awareness that the neurologists and Health Ministers are allowing people to suffer and die without allowing them to even have a chance. Every group across the country invited their respective Health Ministers to meet with them, except for the province of Nova Scotia. Maureen MacDonald instead requested to have a "secret private" meeting with some of the attendees at the rally with the sole stipulation that I not be there. This request was made in realization from following our Facebook pages that we would not be asking for a meeting. We have no need to meet with her as we already know the outcome.

What makes me now the officially most feared man in the province is because others have been threatening the life of Maureen MacDonald and I am erroneously being blamed for it. That doesn't bother me as much as you might thing it would. I freely admit to insulting her, exposing her lies, and yes I have even gone so far to make nasty pictures and cartoons of her, but I can also stand before God and make the claim that I have never threatened her. I have maintained from day one that I am more intelligent then her and her supposed expert advisers. It would be very stupid of me to prove myself wrong by breaking the law.

I am not stupid. I know I have been investigated, and probably still am. That just means that they also realize that, 1. I have not broken any laws or I would not be here writing this to you, and 2. I have not lied.

Yesterday during an interview with the National Post, the reporter made an astonishing realization. Although what I write in this blog might look like the rantings of an idiot at times, I am in no way one. My writing looks like it is filled with rage and emotion but never is. So my answer to the reporter was, "I write to provoke emotion, it must work as I didn't call you for this interview." His response was that I was right. People that know me from the internet who do get to meet me online are usually a bit stunned at first as I am not what they expect. I am quiet, reserved, and extremely laid back. Until I am provoked. But I am also much funnier in person.

Unlike many of the people I have been forced to deal with, I have morals that I live by. One is to never cause a violent act against a woman, and in 48 years, although many deserved it, I have never physically harmed any female. Hurting some emotionally I sadly admit to, but never physically. So while my friends are educating the masses on the lies they are being fed, and the Health Minister is explaining how dangerous of a threat I am to her trigger happy police officers SHE called to protect her, she is actually fearing the wrong person. And that makes her an even bigger idiot. I am staying home and writing this to you instead.

Call it a dawning realization, or total paranoia, but knowing they watch our Facebook groups with either their spies or hacking, (yes the police do hack Facebook accounts), I realize why I am feared. The reason for this also causes me to be concerned. The NS Health Minister condemned me to Death last November. I cheated her and lived. She did the same thing to Bill Peart and he died. I am the living proof that she committed murder and proves her 'experts' wrong. Knowing this, I am not sure I want to be in a room full of armed people that in this Province shoot first then ask the questions. And surly not when I can be that damaging to that many peoples credibility and reputations by Heaven forbid, staying alive.

My private laugh comes in the form that while she is fearing big bad ol me, the people that truly may want to harm her are still out there and she is hiding from the wrong person. But regardless, we never wanted a meeting with her because from day one she has only ever been a puppet doing what she is told. I know this and so do most of the ones at the rally. The ones that she should be fearing are the ones that think she is the one controlling the strings. In actuality I don't think I will need to do much more anyway. As the truth emerges, her stupid stance of hiding behind semantics will be her downfall.

So what happens now? Not a damn thing. I have told her time and time again that I do have the out for her that can save lives, her reputation, and even her political career. She refuses to listen and now fears me. At one time I could also have saved the neurologists, but they have been too greedy and have gone too far to be saved. Of course that will die with me as in the end we will win anyway and she will get what she deserves.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not have a death wish. I am not going to make myself be an open target to the ones that fear me. If I was suicidal, I would have been gone long before now especially knowing that with my condition I can be dead in less than a week by "natural causes" anytime I want. It would be an extremely horrid and painful death, but in the end would have have the lasting comfort of not being subjected to the lies and greed destroying the lives of the people in this province. I may not want to live, but I don't want to die... yet.

Whether it is ever allowed in this country or not, I have no intentions of ever having the procedure done again. As upsetting as that may be to some, you also must realize that the only reason I consented to the first one was to prove if it could actually save someone from dieing. Well, with the procedure done on Nov. 20, 2010 and it now being May 2011 where I was not supposed to live past April, I have proven exactly what I wanted to prove.  The CCSVI treatment CAN save lives. Living like this is just not for me.

This just means that at the current rate my disability may be progressing possibly due to restenosis, I will try to enjoy what little life I have left. Unfortunately for you all, it also means you are stuck with my ramblings for at least another six months or so. Maybe longer even longer if I stay away from the insanity.

I am just not backing down from this fight until the truth is known to all.. because I am already killing myself by participating, I have nothing to lose.


  1. Good ramblings found here. - Thank You for sharing

  2. I support your right to die, but at least check and see that it really is re-stenosis that has killed you.
    It's important for everyone else to know just how big of a roll CCSVI plays in the disease.

  3. Thanks, Marcel

  4. Marcel - it has been brought to my attention a VERY wrong statement that you included in your message.

    Getting away from the MS bit for a moment, you wrote, in paragraph 6:

    Unlike many of the people I have been forced to deal with, I have morals that I live by.
    "One is to never cause a violent act against a woman, and in 48 years, although many deserved it, I have never physically harmed any female".

    What is being asked of me is how the heck could I have missed this statement shown above. The person wrote to me:
    Many deserved it? Who deserves violence committed upon them? No one I can think of.

    So, getting away from the MS /CCSVi stuff, how do you answer about what you wrote about Causing harm to women. Or not causing harming but saying that "Some: deserved it"?

    Allow please, an explanation to our female readers of the statement made...



  5. My pleasure. I was raised to never act in violence. But I was also taught to never let someone hit you and you not hit them back.

    I do not go around hitting people, but I have hit many back. And every one of the ones that hit me first have gotten hit back except for 4 women. I honestly believe that any woman, or man even, is stupid enough to throw a punch better be prepared to get one back.

    Like it or not, men have solved confrontations with violence for eons. If a woman wants to play in the same game, they deserve what they get. This isn't a matter of committing acts of violence that are unwarranted.

    Luckily for the 4, I stand by the morals I was raised with and would hope more would as well. I do not condone violence and think it is pretty stupid, but it also serves as a useful tool in self preservation. But self preservation also means being smart enough to not throw the first punch. You have no idea what you might get back.