Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Time for Answers

Bill and Donna Peart live in Nova Scotia. Bill has has fought hard and suffered with Multiple Sclerosis for 16 years. Now the disease is winning. Bill even has an appointment outside the country to get the CCSVI treatment that will undoubtedly save his life. Sadly, this appointment is over a month away and Bill can no longer travel.

Appeals again sent to the Nova Scotia Minister of Health to save his life were like mine met with the same basic response. She would rather let him die a painful death. The part she doesn't realize is that some of the people getting this treatment are now again returning to the work force, paying the taxes that are keeping her employed.

Bill is now unable to eat and is looking at a feeding tube to pump food directly into his stomach. Because I have been there, I can tell you now as this disease progresses he will ask to be euthanized to end his torture. That also will be denied. Remember you are allowed to put down an animal to keep it from suffering but humans are forced to endure it because of stupidity. Donna and the rest of Bill's family will also be forced to endure this torture as well without ever knowing why.

I cannot comprehend how someone could display so much intelligence to be put into such a powerful position, yet is making such an asinine decision. There is no logical reason for her to do this unless she has a hidden agenda. So I have asked her boss, Nova Scotia Premier, Darrel Dexter.  I suggest everyone else do the same. Let's see if they have the balls to be honest or continue to be murderers hiding behind a thin veil of political bullshit.

Dear Mr. Premier,

By now I am sure that you as well as the rest of the people in this province realize that your Party made a grevious error with your selection for our Minister of Health.

Your selection for our Health Minister has just condemned another taxpayer in this province to death. The first person was me and that is yet to be dealt with. I have my death sentence in writing that states that her reply to me was only to appease you. Fortunately for me with the help of many friends and being forced to break a few laws, I was able to be successfully treated and am still alive. 

Last night CTV news reported that your Health Minister is going to force Bill Peart, another patient with MS, to die. This patient is no longer able to travel, meaning he can't even take the risk that I took. His only option will now be to suffer and die to only add another nail to your political coffin.

There is no logical reason to deny this treament in Nova Scotia other than to further a corporate agenda. The NDP is all about taxes in this province, so let me enlighten you to what the 3000 people with MS and their friends and family know and are teaching your voters.

People in this province on fixed incomes can not afford to live here because our taxes are higher than anywhere else and we are provided less services. The amount of taxes that are collected and handed over to the Department of Health is exorbatently deplorable. The current average cost that MS patients in this province face is upwards to $50,000 per year in medications. The average lifespan of someone using these drugs might be at best 20 years. This is paid for by you from us and we have 3000 patients.

The cost to do one angioplasty treatment on one MS patients would be less than $5000. Even if this treatment needed to be performed every 6 months, it would still be a considerable savings while offering an improved quality of life for the patient and their family. This alone would be a major win for the rest of the province as taxes could be lowered and I could stop doing all of my shopping in NB. We save approximately $150.00 per shopping trip by driving 10 minutes out of the province.

There are very little risks to this treatment and it is proving to be more and more effective every day. The only risk has been political inaction and the refusal by Canadian doctors, including to myself, to have proper aftercare. Simply put, you could actually save lives and a lot of money by just doing the "right" thing for the people of this province. We aren't asking for this to be etched in stone that every MS patient will get this treatment. All we want is to be able to make our own informed choices. We can't do that if your Health Minister is mis-informed by the very people that stand to lose the most.

You can fix this and possibly save your Party in the process. The Health Minister is refusing to take a risk in fear that something bad might happen. This is recified by having Mr. Peart and his family sign a waiver assuming all risk in the unlikely event that something should happen. If there is a cost associated that the Province does not want to cover, I am more than sure that Mr. Peart and his family with the help of friends could cover that. The procedure could be done in Halifax by a vascular surgeon such as Dr. Patrick Casey who has staff trained in the procedure. If Dr. Casey had any misgivings about performing the procedure, I am more than sure we could get an expert such as Dr. Sandy MacDonald to be on site with a simple invitation.

The pay off for this is that Bill's wife and family will get to enjoy his new found quality of life along with him and not have to watch him suffer to his enevitable end, while you and the Nova Scotia NDP party become the country's hero instead of the disgrace it has become. Or your could ignore us as we have become accustomed to and be willing to commit murder along with your Health Minister.

For months I have been racking my brain to figure out why our Health Minister would take such an inane stance that would cause people to suffer and die. I can only come to one conclusion and I will ask it right out, because you know we will find out regardless.

Mr. Premier, is your Health Minister Maureen MacDonald or any other party member receiving incentives to keep this procedure from happening in Nova Scotia? I can see no other logical reasoning for this treatment to be denied just in the impact to quality of life and savings in taxpayers monies. The people suffering in this province deserve to know the truth.

Maureen MacDonald has solely removed the title of Honorable from the position of Minister of Health by committing the most dishonorable acts imaginable to the people of Nova Scotia.


  1. Well said, you need to get this to as many news organizations as possible. We have this treatment available in the USA and I had mine done 1/25/2011. I am now walking, without a cane for the first time since 1986. My thinking is clearer, my fatigue is disappearing and if I had this treatment years ago, I would have been able to return to the work force and be a taxpayer.

    The history books will not be kind to those who have withheld help from the sick. The internet is recording history for future generations and the voters will dispose of politicians who line their pocket with our blood money.

  2. I met Maureen McDonald at an MS meeting in November. She stated that MS patients in N.S. will receive aftercare if they travel overseas for treatment. Almost instantly, she has gone back on her statement. Perhaps it is because there was no media there. She rambled on about legal issues regarding CCSVI and nothing else. I hope Darrell Dexter enjoys his only term as provincial leader.

  3. I've gotta 27year old UK cousin, that v similar & doulby incontinent that can't travel if it was available ! What hope is there 4 him !?

  4. I've just found your blog this morning and I am totally enthralled with what you've written and what you're going through.