Saturday, March 19, 2011

How Many Have To Die Canada?

With the current rate at 400 per year in Canada, an average of just over 1 patient dies every day in this country as a result of Multiple Sclerosis. On a grand scale, that doesn't mean much, unless you look around the room right now as you read this and select one person you love. Now imagine that person dieing a horribly violent death after years of suffering needlessly. Death from Multiple Sclerosis is not like death from a heart attack. It is a slow, painful, debilitating disease with death usually resulting from organs being shut down by damage done to the nervous system.

Today was Bill's turn. Although we had never met, Bill is my brother. Not biologically or even by choice, but because we were forced to endure our pain and suffering. Bill's wife applied to the same heartless Health Minister to plead for a compassionate request to save Bill's life, like like my family and I did. And again she refused. Out of pure luck, I was able to be treated, proving in fact that this procedure will save your life, to now have to live with the death of Bill that could have been easily prevented.

For months, thousands of people with Multiple Sclerosis in this country have been screaming about the deplorable inactions of our elected officials with their "wait and see" approach to allowing venoplasty on MS patients. Nova Scotia Health Minister Maureen MacDonald (NDP), has taken inaction and turned it into murder. Twice now she has denied legitimate compassionate requests to save lives. Both times she denied them in hopes that they would die forever leaving the question unanswered of whether it would work or not.

William Peart's death this morning and my being able to write this now, prove that it could have worked. It has also proven to the people of Nova Scotia that this elected official that is supposed to have our best interests at heart, only cares for her own personal agenda. She made a choice and chose to let Bill and I die. I fought back, because we all have choices.

Bill's family now has the choice to pursue legal action against Maureen MacDonald for a wrongful death. I will gladly hand over the paperwork I have as I didn't like the thought of my family having to do it all. So I did it before I died.

The people of Nova Scotia have the choice of calling for an election, removal due to conflict of interest, or have the the Nova Scotia Attorney General do the right thing and file charges against Ms. MacDonald.

Sadly, Bill didn't get to have a choice. Maureen MacDonald took that away. So while Bill is watching over us that continue to suffer, we can only be comforted at the thought that he no longer has to. His family are now still forced to suffer knowing that the one person that could have saved his life, refused.

Of course Ms. MacDonald can also make another choice, but the intelligent one for her and her party now would be to allow the procedure once and for all in this province, quietly resign her position, and move very, very far away.

Our province's elected officials have been caught stealing from our public coffers and now our Health Minister commits murder. How many more have to die?


  1. I would like to take a long while to tell you how I feel about this event and this response to it, but I have letters to write ,also. there is no excuse, no rationalization, no redemption for tis travesty.
    Linda Rousay

  2. We are thinking of you in Arizona.

  3. I am wondering what an ad for the Conservatives is doing on this page. The Minister of Health that struck the first and most powerful blow was Leona Aglukkaq, Federal Conservative Minister of Health.

  4. I wish a geneticist would pick up on testing MS sufferers for chromosome #6p.21.32, which is related to venous damage. This would make it a congenital defect and has to be fixed!!!

  5. OK.. I just had a call from a friend who told me I am all wet! Not the first time and won't be the last probably. "Here for Corporate Canada" not people. Blame the slow brain of the fatique that is getting me down cause I am not usually that slow or stupid. My apology. Big Time apology!

  6. I don't know what to think about the search for a treatment for MS. I've tried two MS approved treatments, Copaxone and Avonex. After awhile I got sick of the needles and scarring that came with it and dumped them. My hopes were raised when CCSVI came out but then TWO acquaintances went to Mexico for the treatment and are back now in the same state they were in before they left, only out $40K.

    I use diet and LDN now to control MS. Haven't had a relapse in years! No needles, I'm walking, that's what matters.